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Better your supply chain with

BMF Manufacturing

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Struggling to manage multiple industrial suppliers across the world?

Have you been constantly receiving late shipments

Have you been receiving the wrong products or wrong details? 

Are your suppliers struggling to give consistent pricing?

Spending too much time and energy managing multiple suppliers?

Too many businesses struggle to manage a complex supply chain overseas. 

BMF Foundry



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  • 30 years of global manufacturing experience.

  • 50+ Factories spread over 5 countries.

  • Close relationship through every stage of product     


  • 30 years of import/export and shipping experience.

  • 3 supply chain offices in the heart of manufacturing.

  • Offices & warehouses in almost every continent.

    • North America, Asia, Africa, Europe

  • Sourcing from multiple locations to get best pricing.

  • Shipping taken into account from early stages.

  • Managing of inventory and bulk shipments.

Simple steps
to a better supply chain.

Step 1

Request a Quote

Introduce your business and some of the products you are currently struggling with, so we begin finding mail.

Step 2

Email Us

Email us Directly:

Let us know what products you are having trouble finding suppliers to.

Step 3

Better Supply Chain

Better management of your products and supply chain to make sure you are getting the best prices, quality, efficiency.

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